Why Micro Job Sites Are the Best and Easiest Way to Make Money on the Internet

Micro job sites have become very popular as a way to make money online, so much so that there are a large number of such sites. However, although many people are attracted to the idea as a way to make some extra income, if you are not careful you can find yourself working long hours for very little return. Here are some things to remember so that you make the greatest amount of money in the smallest amount of time. 소액결제현금화


  1. Calculate how long each job is going to take you. Go through the motions of completing a job service you are going to offer and time yourself. Now add on about 10 minutes for doing things such as accepting the job, answering any questions the buyer may have, and receiving your payment. That is how long each assignment is going to take you. Are you happy with that or is it too long to be worth it? If it is too long consider how you can modify your offer. You could either reduce your offer or increase the price.
  2. Look for micro job sites where the jobs are worth more than $5. The majority list the jobs for $5. Once they take their 20% commission you are left with $4. However, there are other sites where the jobs are priced higher, at $6, $7 or even $10. Even just one dollar increase on each job you do can make a big difference to your overall income.
  3. Join a number of sites, not just one. By being on a number of sites you maximize the chances of your jobs being found by buyers. However, don’t choose too many. Just a handful will be fine. Create a great profile for each and again it will help your chances.
  4. Practice strong time management skills. Set aside specific times to complete your jobs, rather than just completing them on a haphazard basis. Remember, it also takes time to log in and out of your account and communicate with the buyers, so create blocks of time to do this.
  5. Keep your browsing to a minimum. Web browsing is the killer of productivity! Don’t spend time looking around on the micro job site to see what others are offering. Use the same time to create new jobs of your own (brainstorm for ideas) and add them to sites.


The most successful people, it is said, work hard AND smart. Hopefully these ideas will help you work smarter and increase the amount of money you make online through micro job sites.



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